The Quilliam Brothers



1, Eldon Place,
Claremont Buildings,

0191 2614861

The Quilliam Brothers, originally of Wylam village, started out with the intention of setting up a Budapest-style tea house in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, so as to offer an alternative to the boozy, get-your-bloomers-out-for-the-gentlemen scene that is most prevalent in that neck of the woods.

They also wanted to provide a platform for the arts, particularly at grass-roots level, to offer a way to get the stuff what people did do out there for people to see/hear/feel/smell.

After a few years selling their tea online and at various delis around toon, struggling to get the building of their dreams and appeasing the necessary parties, they finally opened in 2013.

They have less marbles now than they did when they started.

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Our cinema space is available to book!

Please feel free to get in contact if you want to hire our space out for a performance, film or even a party, and we'll see what we can do.


Quilliam Brothers- Purveyors of finest tea.